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Fifty-four Crimea Würmer parsley frogs, Pelodytes caucasicusfrom Turkey were examined for helminths in Found were 1 species of Digenea, Gorgodera cygnoides ; 5 species of Nematoda, Agfa tauricusAplectana brumptiCosmocerca ornataOswaldocruzia filiformisand Rhabdias bufonis ; and 1 species of Acanthocephala, Pseudoacanthocephala caucasicus. Pelodytes caucasicus represents a new host record for each of the parasite species; Agfa tauricus and Pseudoacanthocephala Kaninchen gegen Würmer immunisiert are reported from Turkey for the first time.

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Log in Admin Help. To access the full text of this article please log in, or select from the access here below. Comparative Parasitology Jul The Helminthological Society of Http:// Abstract Fifty-four Caucasian parsley frogs, Pelodytes caucasicusfrom Turkey were examined for helminths in Helminth communities of amphibians crimea Würmer reptiles: Helminth parasites of anurans from the savannah-mosaic zone of south-western Nigeria.

First record of ten click at this page of crimea Würmer parasites from vertebrates in Iraq. Iraqi Journal of Science Recherches parasitologiques sur les amphibians de la suisse.

Revue Suisse de Zoologie Helminth parasite populations in newts and their tadpoles. CrossrefGoogle Scholar. Crimea Würmer National d'Histore Crimea Würmer 2: On three Oswaldocruzia spp. Molineidae in amphibians crimea Würmer Africa.

Canadian Journal of Zoology Synopsis of the Nematoda parasitic Liste der Mittel von Würmern amphibians and reptiles.

Turkish Herpetofauna Amphibians and Reptiles. Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Environment. Helminthofauna colku Triturus alpestris Laurenti, a Triturus vulgaris Crimea Würmer. Helminthofauna ocasatych obojzivelniku z uzemi Ceskolovenska.

Records of some parasitic worms from British vertebrates. Annals and Magazine of Natural History Series New locality of Brachycoelium salamandrae Frölich Trematoda, Brachycoeliidae in salamander—Salamandra salamandra L. PubMedGoogle Scholar.

Pasozyty traszki crimea Würmer vulgaris L. Capillaria tritonspunctati Diesing, Travassos, i Megalobatrachonema terdentatum Linstow, Hartwich, Nematoda u traszek Triturus vulgaris L. New records of nematodes and crimea Würmer from snakes in Bulgaria. Comptes Rendus crimea Würmer l'Academie Crimea Würmer des Sciences Intestinal helminth communities in the green lizard, Lacerta viridis, from Crimea Würmer. Journal of Helminthology CrossrefPubMedGoogle Scholar.

Crimea Würmer on the geographical distribution of amphibian helminths. Parasitology Research Online 25 Nov2 p. Print version crimea Würmer Forelobig meddelelse om forekomst og hyppighed af trematoder hos Rana platyrrhinus or Rana esculenta.

Sofkila Izdvona Bfulgarskaa Akademikila na Naukite Ecaudata crimea Würmer the region of Velingrad. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia 7: Bulgarian Academy of Http://, Sofia Catalogue des helminthes des Amphibies en Bulgarie.

Apport l'etude de helminthofaune des Amphipies sons queue Amphibia-ecadata du basin de fleuve crimea Würmer la strouma. The natural history of Slapton Crimea Würmer Nature Crimea Würmer Studies on the parasites. Endoparasites in some Swedish amphibians. Acta Parasitologica Polonica Helminthes de la Region de Banyuls I. Vie et Milieu 6: Recherches eco-parasitologiques sur l'helminthofaune de Rana ridibunda perezi Amphibien, Anoure dans l'est des Pyrenees.

Crimea Würmer C; Biologie Terrestre Variations dans le temps des populations d'helminthes parasites de Rana temporaria L. Inventaire des helminthes de Rana esculenta L. Amphibien Anoure dans l'ile de Corse. Parasites of British amphibians.

Journal of Biological Education 5: Crimea Würmer naturelle des Helminthes ou vers intestinaux. Rhabdias bufonis Schrank, Stiles more info Hassall, from the lungs Papst Worm in dem Crimea Würmer viridis in Kashmir and notes on some amphibian species of the genus.

A study of Danish amphibian parasite fauna. Acta Parsitologica Polonica Die Saug- und Rund-würmer unserer Frösche. Natur und Heimat 4: Amphibian species of the World: American Museum of Natural History. Accessed Oct Helmintofauna de Hyla spp. Amphibia, Hylidae en algunas localidades espanolas. Miscellanea Zoologica Sumatrana New geographical records of parasitic crimea Würmer from Bufo bufo in Italy. Versuch einer Naturgeschichte der Eingeweiderwürmer thierischer Körper.

Przyczynek do poznania pasozytniczej fauny salamandry plamistej Salamandra salamandra L. Fragmenta Faunistica Musei Zoologici Polonici 6: The effect of constant and changing temperatures on the development of crimea Würmer eggs and larvae of Crimea Würmer filiformis Nematoda: Trichostrongyloidea in frogs Rana temporaria from three locations in Ireland.

Über Rhabdias bufonis Schrank, und die abrennung von Rhabdias dossei nov. Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Museum, Berlin Epidemiological aspects of the infection with Oswaldocruzia filiformis Goeze,Travassos, Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae in the common toad Bufo bufo L. Netherlands Journal of Zoology Nematodes of the suborder Oxyurata Skrjabin, which crimea Würmer the crimea Würmer of poikilothermic animals from the vicinity of Bitola Macedonia—Yugoslavia.

Arhiv Bioloskih Nauka Acta Parasitologica Iugoslavica 5: The helminth fauna of Rana temporaria in relation to that of Crimea Würmer generally. Acta Parasitologica Iugoslavica 4: On some helminths from 2 toad species Bufo bufo and B. Some data on the parasite helminthofaunas in populations of Hyla arborea Laur.

Notes on three species of Strongyloidea Nematoda from Germany. Bulletin of crimea Würmer Fan Memorial Institute of Crimea Würmer 8: The chromosomes of zooparasites II. Heterozygosity and parasite intensity: Crimea Würmer ultrastructure of the pharynx of Cosmocerca ornata Nematoda.

Crimea Würmer

According to the available data, this gonochoristic species tends to asexual somatic reproduction through laceration: A rich color polymorphism is observed. The numerous clonal populations that are found in caves consist of variously sized and similarly colored polyps. All of them descended from one parental individual.

Part of Springer Nature. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, learn more at tsvtunzenhausen. Grebelnyi Email author O. Sovremennoye sostoyaniye i perspektivy issledovanii Sponges and Cnidarians. Google Scholar Romeis, B.

Google Scholar Andres, A. Google Crimea Würmer Ates, R. Google Scholar Crimea Würmer, O. Crimea Würmer Scholar Dalyell, J. Google Scholar Faasse, M.

Crimea Würmer Scholar Fautin, D. Google Scholar Fischer, P. Google Scholar Gosse, Wenn eine Person. Crimea Crimea Würmer Scholar crimea Würmer Hartog, J. Google Scholar Holdsworth, E. Google Scholar Jordan, R. Google Scholar Nafilyan, Z. Google Scholar Pax, F. Fauna et Flora Adriaticavol. Google Scholar Pennington, A.

Google Scholar Schmidt, H. Google Scholar Shaw, P. See more Google Scholar Stephenson, T. Google Crimea Würmer Stephenson, Crimea Würmer. Google Scholar Crimea Würmer, R. Valeur taxonomique crimea Würmer cnidome, Trav. Google Scholar Williams, R.

Hydrobiological Station Odessa I. Http:// National University Odessa Ukraine.

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